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The location

            The history of Makry Gialos begins in the Minoan era. On the west side of the setllement there is a small archaeological site with a Minoan cottage situated in eg 500-1400

            Koufonissi Island or else Lefki was inhabited from the Early Minoan period (3000-2200 BC) until the 4th century AD.

            Until a few decades ago, the site had very few buildings that were used to collect the goods from the surrounding villages and for the carriers to onernight. Until then, in the area, there were only the villages of Agios Stefanos and Pefki , hidden up in the mountain from the pirates, which still retain their traditional colour.

             Then the first roads were opened and the necessary infrastructure (electricity, water) was built. Slowly the people from the villages came closer to the sea, have started working with the tourism, and planting new crops and as the visitors of the region increased, the settlement grew from the mid 80's onwards.

             The area retains the slow pace of a southern quiet town making it ideal for those wishing to spend a pleasant relaxing holiday by the sea. The beach is sandy, great for kids and for those who are not very good in swimming. Moreover, the gulf is placed geographically in such a way, which is rarely affected by the winds, so swimming is possible every day of your vacation.

             At distances of 1-3 km you will find three more beautiful beaches: Kalamokanias, Diaskari and Lagada. These are  coarse sand beaches (layered with small stones) and less swallow.

            Approximately 5 km from the village to the east lays the Kapsas monastery, where we find the entrance to the gorge of Pervolakia. Inside the settlement of Makry Gialos the gorge of Pefki starts, while close to the west side, is gorge of the Butterflies.


     The monastery of Kapsas
      The Minoan Villa
      Nearby villages (Refki, Agios Stefanos,Stavrochori)
     and Koufonissi island

 (see more descriptions on the villages of the wider area here)


       Water sports on the beach
      The Gorge of Pervolakia
      The Gorge of Pefki

      Butterfly or Orino Gorge
      Walking along the beach

(see more gorges here and here)


      Toplou Monastery
      The Island of Chrissi or Gaidouronisi
      Agios Nikolaos – Spinalonga
      The palm forest of Vai
      The Lassithi Plateau


      Sitia (35 km)
      See the Fortress of Castro now known as Kazarma

      Ierapetra (27 Km)
      See Fortress Kale

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